Our History

Dave has been an avid runner for many decades and has run every distance from track sprints to marathons. He is active in the local running club in Derry, NH known as the Greater Derry Track Club (www.gdtc.org) and has held many leadership roles within the club over the years. Dave is currently the race director for going on 15 years for the Boston Prep 16 miler which draws over 700 participants from all over the country and Canada each year. He started this company in 2007 after working for other local timers for 7 years. We will time anything that involves moving from a starting line to a finish. Types of races include computerized chip races as well as non-chip races and include every distance from 1 mile to marathons. I have timed over 100 triathlons.

Dave is well versed in the ChronoTrack and Winning Time chip systems and have been subcontracted over the years to work many large national running festivals (multiple road races over a weekend) such as Baltimore and Virginia Beach with attendance numbers typically in the 15,000 range. He also have experience with very large single races such as the Bloomsday race in Spokane, with over 40,000 finishers. Dave has a lot of experience in triathlons of all sizes with the biggest being the nationally ranked Timberman Triathlon held each year in Gilford, NH with close to 2,500 finishers.

Dave is well versed in the top-ranked recognized scoring software from RunScore and in all aspects of race management from start/finish line setup to water stops and have worked many years at the Boston and Philadelphia marathons.

With all of this experience the "timing" was right to strike out on his own which he did in 2007 when he formed New England Timing with a partner. Dave welcome the opportunity to serve you to help make your next event a success.